Stanley Lifestyles IPO Success: Hold or Sell?

Incredible Market Entry

On Dalal Street Friday, Stanley Lifestyles Ltd. launched luxury furnishings. Company shares were listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) at ₹499 per share, 35.23% more than its issue price of ₹369. On NSE, the shares began trading at ₹494.95, a 34.13% premium. Stanley Lifestyles’ success indicates investors’ trust in its brand and market position.

Large-scale subscription and market response

96.98 times subscribed, Stanley Lifestyles’ IPO. Retailers subscribed 19.21, non-institutional investors 119.52, and QIBs 222.10. The company’s future looks bright with rising demand.

Strategy and profits

Stanley Lifestyles’ positive earnings soothe investors. Premium solutions for high-end consumers drove the company’s 46% sales increase, says StoxBox Research Analyst Akriti Mehrotra. ROCE rose from 5.5% to 16.6%, ROE from 1.0% to 16.3%, and EBITDA margin from 15.2% to 19.7% in FY23. Investors should hold shares following this good return.

Market advice

Despite strong launch, pundits advise caution. The head of wealth at Swastika Investmart Ltd. commented, “While this performance is undoubtedly positive, it falls short of pre-listing expectations that likely anticipated an even higher premium due to the overwhelming investor response.” Nyati suggested a ₹450 stop loss for retaining shares, citing the company’s strong brand, diverse product portfolio, and steady financial performance.

Book profit and look ahead

The share price of Stanley Lifestyles soared after its IPO, causing profit booking. Investors should profit, said Pace 360 Co-Founder & Chief Global Strategist Amit Goel. Stanley Lifestyles Limited creates expensive furniture. Post-FY21 setback, the company grew top- and bottom-line in FY22 and FY23. Listing should reward investors.”

Investment Strategy

Stock Market Today creator VLA Ambala, a SEBI-registered Research Analyst, advises strategic investing. “I suggest pulling out the invested amount and keeping the profit invested to tap into the growth potential of the lifestyle premiumization business category,” notes. It boosts firm growth and investment returns.


Market confidence is shown by Stanley Lifestyles’ 35% IPO gain. The company’s solid financial performance and strategic market position encourage some analysts to hold onto shares, while others book profits due to the high IPO value. Stanley Lifestyles’ share price may rise due to market optimism and investor interest. Luxury furniture investing is appealing due to the company’s growth and innovation.

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