IPO: Gautam Adani-led Parent Firm to List Airport Business by FY28

Mumbai, June 25: Gautam Adani’s primary company, Adani Enterprises, wants to go public with airport operations in 2027-28. As per CNBC-TV18, this is a scheme to unleash riches and enhance growth. For FY25, the company needs $2 billion to $3 billion in equity.

A Strategic Growth Move

Since its 1994 IPO, Adani Enterprises has created and listed six $10 billion+ companies. Listing the airport industry boosts transparency, investment, and growth.

Adani Airports Status

Adani owns eight Indian airports, seven of which operating. Navi Mumbai International Airport should finish this year. The company’s commitment to Indian infrastructure and aviation is evident.

Financial Recovery, Market Confidence

The company rebounded successfully from the January 2023 Hindenburg Research report shock. Shares of Adani Enterprises traded at ₹3,169 on the BSE, reflecting market confidence.

Strategies for Fundraising

This fiscal year, Adani Enterprises hopes to raise $2 billion to $3 billion in stock for its ambitious projects. The firm hopes this substantial investment would enhance its finances and assist future projects.

Analyst Value and Insight

Earlier this year, Cantor Fitzgerald commenced coverage of Adani Enterprises with a “buy” rating and a target price of ₹4,368 per share The company’s worth was evaluated at ₹1,622 per share, with the airport industry being a major factor.

IPO Vision and Strategy

Adani Airports’ FY28 IPO aims to lead India’s aviation market. The expansion of Navi Mumbai International Airport would boost capacity and market share. With this step, Adani Group aims infrastructure and national economic growth.

Important Questions and Considerations

How might Adani Enterprises’ IPO and equity fundraising affect investor mood and market perception?

The value of Cantor Fitzgerald’s airports business is ₹1,622 per share. After IPO, how will markets react?

A Financial Strategy: Listing its airport operations should benefit Adani Enterprises strategically. How will money be used?

Economic Impact: How will Navi Mumbai International Airport improve regional and national economies?

A regulatory environment: As a public company, how will Adani Airports manage regulations?


Adani Enterprises’ development strategy to capitalize on India’s aviation sector includes Adani Airports’ IPO. The business can grow sustainably and increase its market position with finance and listing objectives by FY28. The market will closely examine how these actions effect the company’s valuation, investor sentiment, and India’s GDP.

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