Switching Back: How to Replace Google Gemini with Google Assistant

You can quickly switch back to the previous Google Assistant by following a few easy steps if you’re one of those people who prefers the dependable Google Assistant over the brand-new, AI-powered Google Gemini. Many customers are eager to go back to Google Assistant for a variety of reasons, including as performance concerns or just a preference for its well-known capabilities, even with Google Gemini’s interesting and helpful features.

How to Return to Google Assistant

Launch the Google Application: First, launch the Google app on your mobile device. You can launch it from the app drawer or swipe right from your home screen to accomplish this.

Open the app and touch on your profile image in the upper right corner to access the settings. Choose ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.

Open Google Assistant by navigating there: ‘Google Assistant’ is the option to click on in the settings menu. This will bring up a new tab.

Google Digital Assistants: Select ‘Digital assistants from Google’ by swiping down the Google Assistant settings page.

Select Google Assistant. There will be a choice for you to use Google Assistant or Gemini. Choose ‘Google Assistant’.

Confirm Switch: If you wish to go back to the previous digital assistant, the app will ask you to confirm. Press ‘Switch’ to continue.

Finish the Process: Your digital assistant will return to Google Assistant when you confirm the change.

Saying “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” or holding down the power button will cause Google Assistant to launch in place of Gemini after you’ve finished these instructions.

Why Make the Reversal?

Google Gemini, formerly known as Bard, was unveiled as a potent digital assistant driven by AI. It was first released for desktop users, but it quickly spread to mobile devices, taking the place of the Google Assistant that many users had grown used to. Even though Gemini includes sophisticated capabilities including the ability to summarize documents, schedule trips, and manage intricate activities, its performance hasn’t always lived up to promises.

The simplicity and speed of Google Assistant appeal to a lot of users more. Although impressive, Gemini’s powerful AI capabilities may sometimes be more than consumers require for routine activities. This has made it more desirable to return to the well-known, uncomplicated Google Assistant, which is renowned for its prompt responses and dependable operation.

You may quickly return to Google Assistant and take use of its dependable, effective functionality by following these instructions. Many people continue to favor Google Assistant due to its simplicity, quickness, and dependability.

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