Suneil Shetty Celebrates Innovative Startups Aquatein and Regrip

Actor and entrepreneur Suneil Shetty recently took to LinkedIn to celebrate the success of two groundbreaking startups he supports: Aquatein and Regrip. In his post, Shetty praised the young entrepreneurs behind these ventures—Tushar, Ananth, and Mitisha—for their impressive work in addressing key issues of affordability and environmental sustainability.

Aquatein: A Solution to Protein Deficiency

Aquatein, co-founded by Ananth and Mitisha, is tackling a major nutritional gap in the average Indian diet: protein deficiency. Shetty emphasized the importance of protein, noting that the human body needs 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. For many Indians, this means a daily intake of 75-80 grams of protein, which typical dietary sources like eggs, sprouts, and paneer often don’t provide.

Aquatein offers a clever solution: a 500ml water bottle packed with 21 grams of protein. This product is not only low in calories but also free from carbs, sugar, lactose, and gluten. Shetty expressed his pride in seeing Aquatein, an Indian innovation, gaining international traction, especially in the Middle East and Europe.

Regrip: Innovating Tyre Recycling

Shetty also commended Tushar and his team at Regrip for their innovative approach to tyre recycling. With a staggering 1.5 billion tyres discarded annually and only 20% recycled, the environmental impact is immense. Regrip is changing the game by using technology to extend tyre life and reduce the need for new tyres. For tyres that can’t be repaired, Regrip repurposes them into raw materials, keeping them out of landfills and cutting down on pollution.

Shetty highlighted the significance of such innovations, noting that Regrip is pioneering circular economy principles in India’s tyre industry.

Celebrating Youthful Innovation

Shetty’s post radiates admiration for the vision and dedication of these young entrepreneurs, describing them as “young, wild, and free.” He appreciates their unique solutions to pressing issues, demonstrating how innovative thinking can make a big impact on health and environmental sustainability.

Through Aquatein and Regrip, Shetty underscores the transformative power of entrepreneurial ventures in creating meaningful change for society and the environment.

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