Air India Express Terminates Cabin Crew Members Amid Protests

In a recent development, Air India Express has taken a drastic step by terminating 25 senior cabin crew members following a mass sick leave protest by over a hundred senior cabin crew members. The airline issued termination letters to the protesting employees, accusing them of breaching employment terms and causing disruptions to the airline’s services. The termination letters highlighted the coordinated sick leave as a pre-meditated action aimed at disrupting operations without a justifiable cause, leading to flight cancellations and inconveniences for passengers.

The tense situation within Air India Express arose after over 300 cabin crew members went on mass sick leave, expressing concerns about job security, salary preservation, and recognition of seniority and expertise during the transition from AirAsia to Air India Express. The protesting crew members alleged that experienced personnel were being marginalized in favor of younger crew members with limited experience. Additionally, certain allowances like HRA, DA, Cosmetic Kit maintenance, and Uniform maintenance were eliminated, replaced by performance-based allowances tied to in-flight sales and passenger feedback.

The termination of the cabin crew members has further escalated the situation, with the airline urging the remaining protesting employees to resume work by a specified time. The management is reportedly engaging with the agitating employees and is scheduled to hold a town hall to address the ongoing concerns. While the airline’s efforts to minimize disruptions and inconvenience to passengers are commendable, the termination of employees has raised questions about the airline’s handling of the situation and its impact on employee morale and labor relations.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) has intervened, requesting a report on flight cancellations and advising Air India Express to promptly resolve the issues and ensure proper facilities for affected passengers. The termination of employees in response to the protest underscores the challenges faced by the airline industry, particularly during transitions and mergers. The ongoing developments at Air India Express highlight the complexities of managing workforce transitions and maintaining employee satisfaction in the aviation sector.

As the airline navigates through this challenging period, it remains crucial for all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and find amicable solutions to address the grievances of the employees while ensuring the smooth functioning of operations and passenger services.

Stay tuned for further updates on this evolving situation.

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