Google launches the Gemini AI Assistant app in India, which empowers users in nine Indian languages.

New Delhi: Google has debuted its advanced AI assistant app, Gemini, in India, with the goal of meeting the country’s unique language needs. Gemini is now available on the Google Play Store and supports nine Indian languages: Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu. This strategic move enables Gemini to compete directly with OpenAI’s ChatGPT by introducing new capabilities and features through Gemini Advanced.

Enhanced features for seamless interaction.

Gemini allows users to interact with the AI assistant via typing, voice instructions, or image uploads, increasing versatility for tasks such as message authoring, brainstorming ideas, and event planning. The software connects seamlessly with Google Messages, with initial support for English and plans to expand to other languages. Google CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized the significance of the announcement, saying, “Today, we’re launching the Gemini mobile app in India, available in English and nine Indian languages.”

Gemini Advanced has advanced capabilities.

Gemini Advanced, powered by the Gemini 1.5 Pro AI model, improves user experience by allowing document uploads of up to 1,500 pages and summarizing long communications. It excels at data analysis, allowing users to upload and analyze spreadsheets from Google Sheets, CSVs, and Excel, resulting in interactive charts and graphs for deeper insights.

Commitment to Privacy and User Security.

Google prioritizes user data privacy on Gemini, guaranteeing that uploaded files are kept secure and not used for AI model training. This commitment demonstrates Google’s focus to retaining consumer trust while leveraging sophisticated AI capabilities.

Future Expansion and Accessibility

Gemini is easily accessible for Android users via the Google Play Store or Google Assistant, which can be launched with gestures or voice commands. iOS users will soon have access via the Google app, expanding Gemini’s reach across many platforms.


Google’s launch of Gemini in India is a huge step toward improving digital accessibility and AI-powered functionalities suited to the Indian market. Gemini promises to empower users in fields such as education and business by providing powerful features such as document analysis and data visualization, in addition to support for local languages. Conclusion

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