Zomato Introduces a Real-Time Order Counter; by 11 AM, Over 250,000 Orders

June 21, 2024, New Delhi The well-known food delivery service Zomato has unveiled a cutting-edge feature that lets users see how many orders are currently in progress throughout India. Deepinder Goyal, the CEO of Zomato, revealed this new real-time order counter in a post on X (formerly Twitter). As soon as a user completes their purchase, the feature shows the total number of orders placed countrywide in an effort to increase user engagement.

Order monitoring in real time

When the new feature was initially unveiled, Deepinder Goyal provided a thorough description of his experience placing an order at 11 AM and seeing that there were already more than 250,000 orders placed overall. “Watching the LIVE order count for the day on @zomato as soon as you made your purchase is a terrific new feature available to all users. When I placed my purchase at around 11 AM, there were already over 250,000 items on the count. Everyone, have fun! Goyal made a post on X.

Improving the User Interface

The purpose of this real-time order counter is to enhance user experience by informing consumers of how popular and busy the platform is. With this innovation, clients can see the number of meal deliveries completed nationwide at any one moment while still maintaining the core ordering procedure and showcasing the platform’s strong utilization and dependability.

Current Developments on Zomato

Apart from the latest update, Zomato has consistently enhanced its offerings to cater to a wide range of consumer requirements. In an effort to cater to consumers who expressly want vegetarian cuisine, the business unveiled their “pure vegetarian fleet” in March. Zomato changed this option to “veg only” in response to feedback so that it would better meet the needs of users.

In an attempt to better serve its consumers, Zomato introduced its “large order fleet” in April, which has the capacity to execute orders for up to 50 individuals. These enhancements demonstrate Zomato’s ongoing attempts to expand and adjust to changing market conditions.

Strategic Decisions and Corporate Performance

In 2008, Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah founded Zomato. Since then, it has grown into one of India’s top food delivery companies, taking on rivals such as Swiggy. The website offers a wealth of data on menus at restaurants, feedback left by patrons, and meal delivery services offered around the nation.

Zomato recently revealed to authorities that it is in negotiations to acquire Paytm’s movie and ticketing operations. The company did, however, make it clear that no decisions have been made in stone and that any deal must be approved by the Board and abided by by all applicable laws.

In comparison to the ₹188 crore loss in the same period the previous year, Zomato’s financial performance in the fourth quarter of FY24 was noteworthy, with a ₹175 crore consolidated net profit. This enhancement highlights the business’s profitable tactics and expanding market share.


Zomato has demonstrated its dedication to improving user involvement and transparency by the integration of an order counter that updates in real time. By letting consumers see the real-time order total, Zomato builds stronger bonds with its customers and highlights how widely used the platform is. The company’s capacity for innovation and product line expansion enables it to sustain its position as a major player in the Indian meal delivery industry.

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