In the H1 of 2024, Indian technology Start-ups raised $4.1 billion, suggesting a potential rebound.

New Delhi Indian technology companies raised $4.1 billion in the first half of 2024, a 4% increase from $3.96 billion in 2023. This illustrates their capacity for development and resilience. According to Tracxn’s Semi-Annual Fundraising Report, this is a positive fundraising trend that has emerged after a period of decline.

Achieving Proficiency in Spite of Obstacles.

India remains the fourth-most-funded tech startup nation, trailing only the United States, the United Kingdom, and China, despite global economic challenges and market corrections. Despite four consecutive half-year periods of declining funding since H1 2022, Tracxn Co-Founder Neha Singh expressed satisfaction with the results: “We are now exhibiting signs of stabilization and increasing growth.” India’s IT startup environment, which is the fourth-highest-funded nation, is a source of encouragement.

Sector Trends and Perspectives

In H1 2024, retail received the most financing, totaling $1.63 billion, a 32% increase from $1.23 billion in 2023. This surge illustrates the sector’s rapid digital transformation and the wide adoption of e-commerce by customers. Enterprise applications experienced a $933 million increase, which represents a 10% decrease from the first half of 2023. Fintech experienced the most significant decline in funding, with a 50% decrease to $726 million. This decrease was most likely the result of regulatory changes and market saturation, which depleted investor confidence.

IPOs and Substantial Fundraising Campaigns.

Eight financing transactions exceeded $100 million during the initial half of 2024. Google was the driving force behind Apollo 24|7’s $297 million, Flipkart’s $350 million, and Meesho’s $275 million funding rounds. Three new unicorns—Logistics business Porter, AI startup Krutrim, and B2B SaaS company Perfios—along with 17 IPOs, illustrate that Indian entrepreneurs are maturing and public markets are acquiring trust. Prominent initial public offerings included Trust Fintech, Radiowalla, TGIF Agribusiness, and TBO.

Investment and Geographic Perspectives

Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru arose as India’s technology hubs during the initial half of 2024. The report’s top investors are Accel, Blume Ventures, and Peak XV Partners, all of which specialize in high-growth companies at different stages. Seed-stage funding increased to $455 million, while early-stage investments remained at $1.3 billion, suggesting a persistent desire for innovative concepts.

Prospects for the Future

Improved funding during the initial half of 2024 is contributing to the development of the Indian digital startup ecosystem. The general trend indicates a period of development and stabilization, despite the challenges, particularly in fintech. Neha Singh observed that Indian entrepreneurs are fueling economic growth and transforming industries through the development of fintech, retail, and corporate applications.


Indian technology entrepreneurs exhibited indications of expansion and recovery during the initial half of 2024. The ecosystem is best positioned to stimulate economic growth and technological advancement through strategic investments, continuous innovation, and supportive government laws. The increase in unicorns, investor interest, and IPOs is indicative of the adaptability and resilience of Indian businesses, which suggests a promising future.

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